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Mini gerbeur manuel

1.499,00 € 1.798,80 € TTC
garantie de cinq ans

Disponible à partir de: 29 novembre

UGC 10010175-346

This compact mini platform truck with electric drive is designed for working flexibly. It's all in one: Whether hoist, means of transport or work table. In addition to lifting pallets and lowering loads, the electric forklift can also be used as a work table in daily work in warehouses, workshops & Co. Its electric drive saves time when lifting and lowering and when loading goods. The mini platform truck can lift loads up to 400 kg to a maximum of 1500 mm. The 650x567mm removable platform can also transport goods that are not loaded on pallets, such as cartons and boxes. The mini stacker has two robust steering and fork rollers made of polyurethan. The two swivel castors can be rotated 360° and are each equipped with a parking brake. areas of application No matter whether for the transport of parcels and boxes, the procedure of ½ pallets and one-way pallets, as an ergonomic work table or simply for picking and clearing work in the warehouse.

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Capacité De La Batterie
    Type De Batterie
    Surface Du Châssis
    Longueur De La Fourche
    Hauteur De Levage
    Type De Levage
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  • manual platform stacker image 3
    60 Ah
    Revêtement En Poudre
    650 mm
    1725 mm
    1500 mm
    Hydraulique Électrique
    109 kg
    600 mm
    03 décembre
    1.499,00 € 1.798,80 € TTC